So, when you have a new thing say a pet or project or baby you take TONS of picture of it/them.

Today is no different. I shot a couple of pictures of my son for 360...

2/360 Title: This is Love

Got to love catching a three month old un-aware.


Happy New Year!

So, I had to work on New Years, but thats okay. I got home just in time to have some sparkling wine with my husband, and kiss him about a half an hour after midnight...

Did take this picture outside the station. The snow had just fallen so it was really nice out
1/360 Title: Sat-a-light-snow

Cell phone cameras rock by the way. LOL!

As you can see I am taking part in Project 360. So you will be seeing more pictures from me.
Either every day, or you will see them all in one post....

Have a Happy New Year!