Golden Globe Nods!

Hurray!! Anna Friel, Lee Pace and Pushing Daisies all got nominated for a Golden Globe today!!!



okay im not dead... i just have been working my butt off, and bearly have time to breathe...

So a quick update... then I have to rush back to work:

Im knitting Wristers in some superwash sock yarn I got from Irish Girls Yarn Of The Month group last year... its coming out a bit... more open then I would like... so I dont know if im going to frog it or not.

Im going to a knitting group tommrow night, and its the first time I've ever done something like that.

My son, has started to smile... its SOOO adorable!!

My hair... was brown, I wanted to go a dark brown... ended up going Sharpie black... we lived with it for a while... but soon went to the lovely Karen and she has worked to get it back... at this point... its now a shade of ginger... and I'm talking Ginger Spice/Agent Scully from X-files....