As someone who write on her free time, and knows how much goes into putting a show together. I support the WGA. You should too - Educate yourself on why your favorite comedy or drama's writers are on the line.

Check out all of wgaamerica's vids - to get a first hand look at the picket line.



I want this. This is Liam. Oh how badly do I want this. Its from Three Irish Girls Yarn.... I want to make Grumperina's Shifting Sands Scarf with it. Those of you who are Ravelry users, click here.

On to other things: Last night, I was walking around with my son, when he wobbled and then leaned in to my ear, and belched... AH boys...

OH: Dear husband person... Happy 31'st Birthday. I luver you.


Trees and High School

So, my husband went out earlier and rescued this weed that had shot up over 6' tall this summer. It was one of those rouge tree saplings that I kept trying to get rid of, but my husband tried to save it.

Well today he dug it out of the spot next to the fence, and buried it in the middle of the back yard.

Just before he left for work, to his horror, he realized that the dog had uprooted it and was using it as a chew toy. He scolded her, then re-planted the tree. I took him to work, then ran out to my work to drop off paperwork, and show off my son.

You know that your year end review will be REALLY good when your manager (the man just under your boss) says to you mid ogling your son, stands up, looks you in the eye and says: "I have stories to tell you when you get back." I am the senior camera operator, so amongst other 'perks' I get all the newbies that walk through the door. My manager was referring to several freelancers that were brought in, and were all trained by me in under a month.

No, I'm not a fast trainer - the station brought in 4-5 freelancers two months before I was to go on leave. As of today 3 were left, and one of those I had to train twice because he started to train under someone else, and they tried to "fast-track" him onto camera too fast. After he got his ass handed to him after being chewed on heavily, I took him under my wing and brought him back to square one. He's doing much better now - in fact I ran into him in the hall today!

After seeing him, I was told today that we lost one of the freelancers (see when you are a freelancer, they don't fire you, they just don't schedule you) This one I had only had him a day, before I left on leave. He apparently never got a grasp on some camera shots, and ended up telling a long time sports reporter (This is a guy who has been at this station as long as I have been alive...no kidding. This is a guy who only NOW do I dare tread gently on the ice that is that man) that he was wrong... Yikes!

Practically everyone of my co-workers & anchors asked me in a pleading voice: "When are you coming back? We missed you."

And my favorite line: "Its been like High School in here since you have been gone."


So, when I returned home tonight, I noticed something... something bad. The dog had tore the tree apart. My husband was going to be SUPER pissed... I think I'm going to have to buy my husband a tree for his birthday. Poor guy.