Just bummed...

So I've been off in Ravelry world lately (love it!). I've been talking myself out of secret stole (its nice, but so not me) and I was reading about peoples experiences with swaps. I found the woman who really was mean to me during my swap. She was on there just ripping me again about how awful a down stream pal I was.

Now, to back up - this was a long time ago. It was my first swap and I was super excited. When I would receive a gift from my spoiler - and she did very nicely mind you - I would say what I got on my blog and how much I really liked everything, told her thank you and everything. I would then send my spoilee something here or there. I tried really hard and worked on getting gifts out and not going bonkers in spending money I didn't have. I had fun and liked getting some yarns that I've never would have picked out for myself.

At the end of it all - I figured out who my pal was, and went to read her blog. On it she ripped me about how ungrateful I was. How I never posted anything or said thank you. When on my blog there were abundances of thanks and admiration. It totally killed my experience, and I really am sour about the entire SP thing.... Now to see the post on Ravelry it just brought it all back...

*sad face*

Then at work:
I love what I do. I actually like who I work for. What I was offered and work with here at this TV station is so much better then the station I came from.

My work has highered two freelancers to cover up big scheduling holes. Ive been training both of them. They are both quick learners and have potential. And they are hard working, up and optimistic about their job.

As a freelancer you get paid $10 an hour (that is higher then you would get at a part time job around here.) You do not get a stable schedule or guarenteed hours, or benefits.

One of the freelancers was offered part time. (same amount of cash - guarenteed hours, & benefits) he turned it down because it wasnt enough cash. Now hes bad mouthing the station, our bosses everything. He cant understand why they asked him to stay untill he finds a new job (um because they waisted time & money on you when they could have had someone who wants to be here?) he thinks that the station wants him to just stay on as a favor. He also has been complaining that our managers was asking him field questions, because we never do any field work and he thinks that asking him dumb questions was a waist. (Um actually we do, but only if your part-time & full time.)

Now this freelancer has put a bug in the other new freelancer ear...and its looking like that one doesnt want a job either. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot...talk about waisting my time and effort training them.